Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The Opening Shot

Historical note: This entry was originally posted with a date of June 17th 2003 on livejournal. I moved the date to the first date of my trip to Minicon in 2006 while cleaning up my journal and reorganizing. All the following entries were moved at the same time.

Well I went and got the live journal set up... Why? Because I needed a place to start doing public first drafts of my fanzine. Such as it is. So here's my very late report on Minicon back during my April week in Minneapolis.

MIFFED: The 'zine of the Mishalak Fan Fund

Broke. The fund is at negative dollars due to overspending at Minicon 38... But boy, what a time! I hope to be back to even by the end of June. Also unless I suddenly come into money my Westercon plans are off and I'll just being going to Bubonicon.

Also I am sad to report that there is not yet a new job on the horizon so it is increasingly unlikely that I will be able to attend Torcon. If I am able to change this, e.g. I get a wonderful new job in the month of July, I will report on it in issue 5 or 6. As of this moment the convention plans for the rest of the year are: Changing Number Con in Colorado Springs (actually called XIV-Khan) on July 18-20, Bubonicon 35 Albuquerque on August 22-24, and MileHiCon 35 Denver on October 24-26. Due to very limited funds (my job is worse than ever, I'm down to 35 hours a week) and being forbidden from leaving certain weekends is the reason I'm not getting out of state.

Or Windsday to Wednesday
I left my humble apartment and my home state on a sunny Wednesday afternoon and descended into a grey rainy metropolis. But that was quite okay because I was determined to have fannish fun, which requires not a bit of the garish sun.

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