Friday, March 27, 2009

Manliness In Blizzards

A really manly guy does not have anything to prove so he won't go out in a blizzard unless it is really necessary. No, really necessary. Why? No matter how good a driver you are (or think you are) there are other people on the road. A bad driver with no one else around is only a danger to himself and may even avoid a crash since there are fewer objects to run into than on a full road.

Go slow, be careful, and don't go out unless it is required. I went out to pick up Richard from the airport last night since the only other option for him would have been a taxi and that may well have been more dangerous given how taxi drivers are in the snow. If I had not been doing that I likely would have stayed in even though my company wanted me to do an extra shift. $200 to risk getting in an accident that would cost me much more is not worth it.

Today things seem all right and I'm going in to work for my normal shift, but it is much better now. Just driving a little slowly will make it pretty darn safe.

But last night there were a lot of really dumb people on the road. I was on the freeway where there are normally three lanes of traffic. But everyone was following the leader so it was down to just two lanes of traffic with generous spacing. Then this idiot in a black Mercedes comes barreling along passes me with about 10 centimeters to spare heading up between the two lines of cars. Moron! When ahead he could not do that anymore he followed one car length behind another guy and speed off as soon as he could squeeze though. I sincerely wish him ill and that he wreaked his car on his way home. But I got home in one piece despite the best efforts of the other people on the road. I even managed to get my car up the slight incline into my parking space.

So life is good.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LED Search Roundup

In an ideal world this is what I would get. Six sets of 'raspberry' type (The G12 globe) LED Christmas light strings. Half would be in warm white and the other half would be in cool white and both would be full wave rectified and on white wires.

Why? I think the round globe shape is neat and when Halloween rolls around I'll just have the cool white globes up since they look rather ghostly. But together I think they will make for a neat blue and gold effect at during the Yuletide season and with warm ones alone I think they will be pretty good party lighting at other times of the year.

The reality is that it can be very hard to find exactly what one is looking for. I can find the cool white LEDs on white wire and free of flickering, but they're not globes. The warm white LEDs on white wires are actually not too hard to locate. I may end up just getting the warm white ones for now and getting cool white ones later on green wire when it is a bit closer to Halloween.

Environmental has fully rectified G12 LED strings including warm white on white wire, $24.60 each if you buy three or more strings each with 70 LEDs.
They also have some cold white LEDs on white wire, but the C6 Strawberry type $28.40 a string.

For pure bargain price I might consider Holiday Direct. Full rectified M5 (mini) and C6 strawberry lights on white wire. The only problem is that I worry that they are somewhat fly by night. 100 M5 LEDs for $7.37 a string and 100 C6 LEDs for $10.50 a string.

Another inexpensive option are these Warm White on White Wire M5 for $10.00 a string.

There are lots of things on offer from Christmas Lights Etc. They have both warm for $27.95 and cool for $26.50 white M5 lights on white wire, but they are not rectified. All their rectified strings are "commercial grade" and thus need special adapters and are on green wire to boot.

There are plenty of styles and types at Forever LED and they're all rectified. Slightly less expensive than Environmental Lights, but no white wire except for icey white bulbs in the M5 and C6 styles. Wait, I take that back, some soft white M5s, but with "icicle" style wires.

If I wanted to pick up lights right away rather than mail ordering it I probably could try a local store named St. Nicks down in Littleton.

A Perky Morning

Night after work seems to be when I am at my low ebb. I feel uninspired, often unhappy, and unmotivated at such times. But when I wake up in the morning I feel totally restored by blessed sleep. Perhaps I am a morning person after all, I'm just not as early a morning person as living in the countryside requires.

I lived all of my formative years in Elizabeth, Colorado. That's a small town due east from Castle Rock, which is itself nearly halfway between downtown Denver and downtown Colorado Springs. I went to high school at a private institution in southeast Aurora. To get there each day I would get up early, five or six in the morning early, and ride with my mother on her way to work. I arrived at school early and left late since the drive for her to Lakewood was another hour or so beyond where I needed to be.

If there is one thing I am sure of it is that I never, ever want to be in the situation where I have to go on an hour long ride to my place of work, much less the hour and forty-five minute journey made by my mother. I dislike driving in any case, but having to do it for two or more hours each day going and returning would make me quite grumpy. This is why I think I shall always be a city dweller.

Getting up at seven or half past in the morning is just fine by me. I'm up, cheerful and making breakfast and tea. I'm even feeding Richard's fish with a modicum of good cheer though I'd rather not have to do that job. It looks to be another beautifully cloudy day in Colorado.

I may post later about my online LED searching adventures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I have nothing of interest to write about. I wake, I get together meals, I go to work, I return home, and I sleep. My life would not keep my attention if I did not have to live it.

Doing Something About Decorum Violations

A Reply of Sorts to "Con Behavior: Clues for Free"

After SF conventions there is a species of rant that appears like mushrooms after a fine warm rain. Complaints that to a person's shock and horror there were attendees who did not adhere to the ranter's standards of behavior. Then large numbers of people jump in with self congratulatory agreement and their own examples of such from the same or other conventions.

I'm going to tear into one of these rants, not because it particularly needs to be done, but because it amuses to dance in minefields of the mind on occasion. I'm going to take this in order of how it best fits in with my own counter rant.

For example in her 7th point there were many fine suggestions under this heading, but one struck me as hypocritical nonsense. "Do not tell people how to stand, what facial expression they should wear or what other aspect of their conduct they should modify to please you, especially when you have no actual friendship or other positive history with them."

Boy, if you really believed that you should not have written your essay. I see nothing wrong with criticizing other people or pointing to behavior that I think should be avoided, but I'm not two faced about it. Though she did not make it clear in the body of her rant she's talking about men making personal comments to women about uncrossing their arms and smiling. Yeah, that's bad behavior and if I had been there I might very well have said something in reply to the man along the lines of, "Lose 30 pounds so you're more pleasant to look at first." But the the fact is that what she wrote rather than what she intended to convey gives the appearance of a contradiction.

Like in point number 1 she stridently makes the point that people at conventions should all bathe for the purpose of not smelling awful to others. Personally I'm all for this, but how does that square with what she writes later on? Maybe someone at the convention thinks that saving water is more important than adhering to the arbitrary American standard of removing all body odor. Or is from France or another culture where they're not as hung up as Americans are.

I make this point because despite being a person with a near religious devotion to personal hygiene (I shave my armpits, wear unscented antiperspirant, bathe with vigor daily, and usually wear a modest dash of cologne to boot when attending public events) I am sure that at some point or other at a convention I have smelled less than fresh. We all have off days and in a crowd of many hundreds or even a few thousand people there is sure to be a person who's had a inadvertent deodorant failure or simply the combined funk of too many people in too small a space. Not to mention that some people, despite everything they might try, are simply more smelly than others.

Many of her otherwise sensible bits of advice are similarly sabotaged by conflict with her other points (especially that one about the conduct other people should have) or by not taking into account the full breadth of the human experience.

I do not disagree with the notion that there should be standards and decorum at conventions. But I think that such standards and decorum should be modified with the knowledge that we all make mistakes at times, especially when excited.

Much more importantly it is my opinion that writing an essay on the internet isn't a useful response to problems at a convention. It's venting, no more or less. In order to correct bad behavior you personally have to be willing to do something about it rather than just standing by and blogging about it later. And with criticism you have to accept that sooner or later you're going to be criticized yourself.

The alternative is to accept the fact that there are folks you don't want to have anything to do with at conventions and move elsewhere. I do this all the time because I cannot take yet another libertarian rant on what's wrong with the world and I'm sure that with my flamboyant gay mannerisms I've caused others to do the same.

That's life. Sometimes you bend like a reed in the wind and sometimes you stand fast like an oak.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Query About LED Lighting

I am looking for LED lighting, in particular the strings that are often used for Christmas. Why? Because I wish to decorate with them. I want to put them up as decoration for a few parties. So I thought to inquire among people I know online to see if anyone has had a particularly good (or bad) experience with a website or a manufacturer so that I might have some clue as to where to purchase them or what to look for.

Alternatively if you local to me and have a string of LED lights you won't need back for some months I'd be happy to rent them for a while.

The ideal situation would be to put up enough lights that I would softly light a room to set a good party mood and I like LEDs for this purpose because of their low power consumption and their wonderfully bright and clear colors.

I've done a google search and I'm uncertain about my results. Some sites mention full wave rectified strings (that sounds good since it means they will be brighter due to not being off half the time) and a huge variety of prices. This leaves me uncertain as to what to do since I don't want to buy something that will quickly become dim or cause a fire hazard. But I also don't want to end up paying commercial grade prices for something that isn't so just going by price is no guarantee of quality one way or the other.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spacy Icecream & Other Good Eats

Today when I was at Safeway I noticed a new flavor of ice cream I shall have to try. Ben and Jerry's Mission to Marzipan. I like the name and I like marzipan a lot so I'll give it a whirl sometime this week, especially since it is on sale.

So that goes on the list along with a nice pork loin, sugar, and lemons to pick up so I don't run out of critical ingredients or food. Pork loin is a nice thing to fix since it gives one really nice meal and then several quick meals afterward. I'm thinking the leftovers will go nicely on sandwiches or in soup with ramen and little shreds of cabbage or seaweed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giving Back

I just realized something. If I give 3% of my post tax disposable income to charity that would now be something like $24 every two weeks. I finally have the money to buy things from authors I like and the people who produce the comics I read as well. That's a good feeling. And 24 is a very good number as well so I think I'll set it there until I get a raise or a new job. I might be able to do some good with 624 dollars each year.

Life is good because I no longer have the excuse, "I cannot because I'm poor." My library, This American Life, Radio Lab, and a food bank are on my list.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hauling Away Books

As always things are not progressing as quickly as I would like, but that's why I allow for things to be pushed back to another day. Critical tasks undertaken today include hauling away a carload of books and stuffing them onto the few shelves in my apartment. It is not a perfect fit and I am still progressing slowly towards better space management. Though, to be sure, a great many of these books are going to be sold or given away as quickly as possible. Ideally I would like all the ones on the metal shelves to disappear in three months time, though I expect that it will be more like seven or eight months.

I have also rediscovered the last disk needed to complete my transferal of operations to the newer of the two computers in the spare room. This means that I could get rid of the older one. Even if I do not get any money for the old thing (apparently my brother in-law is a wiz at getting money for computers and got $100 for a fairly old one) it will at least free up both desktop and floor real estate.

I've also picked up my first paycheck and I'll be depositing enough to live on for a month, hopefully tomorrow, but more likely on Friday. Which is good since the next paycheck will arrive in about two weeks time, putting the deposit date (even if direct deposit starts by then) a couple days into April.

Speaking of next month I need to start figuring out invitations and such like. And deciding if I should have a Sunday party or a Saturday one. Both have attractions. Also I'll be having the DASFA Dead Dog party the week after that. What say you oh masses of readers, is a Saturday the 11th Nativity Party or a Sunday the 12th Party scheduling it opposite the big christian holiday to be preferred?

Oh, and given the state of the economy I can combine two problems into one solution. I could give away books to people who do not give me presents. No, you must take a book if you don't bring me at least a little inexpensive present of loose leaf tea. Why? Because obviously if you cannot bring me a prezzie that means that you are poor and if you're poor you need a book... Wha' you don't want one? Take the book so thing don't have to get ugly.

If you can afford a present then I suggest tea, a potted cyclamen, or a little money for the jar marked "Mishalak Window Plants & Other Frivolous Pleasures Fund" as excellent ideas. The MOFP Fund this year is going to be for herbs in my window, flowering plants, and wooden hangers. And if there money left over then I'm getting cham-pag-ne.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tea Party

I am greatly looking forward to Thursday. I am having a number of people over for tea and cake then. And there will be discussion of books we have read like The Lord of the Rings. I do hope it will be a great success. I think I shall lay in a supply of really good loose leaf tea now that I can afford the occasional indulgence. And tomorrow I shall get lemons so I can make my very favorite kind of cake on Wednesday, the lemon chiffon cake. Were I to be really ambitious there would be crispy oatmeal cookies as well, but I doubt that will happen with all the cleaning I shall have to do on Wednesday night and Thursday morning to present the graceful apartment that almost never appears other than times when guests will be coming over. I need to wash my good brown tablecloth, the one that does not show drips of tea. Though possibly tea could be served on my coffee tables for a more informal gathering.

I know this sounds hopelessly housewife-ish, but tea and friends over for it make me happy. As do nice/pretty things. When I was young I was always disappointed that boys were expected to dislike things like unicorns, rainbows, fine china, and polished silverware. Or at least to take no interest in such things. I'm glad that as an adult I can ignore such anti-domesticity. And I don't care one whit if it is stereotypical. I am going to serve tea from my black teapot into my nice white mugs and there will be lovely delicate slices of cake.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not Smart Enough

Well somehow the sound system on my computer has stopped working. I'm smart enough to figure out how to test if it is a problem on the speaker/amp side and it is not that. I plugged the Y-cable into my trusty iPod and it works fine. But plugged into the sound card on the back of my computer it does not work. Instead the computer is producing the tinny little sounds that indicates that it does not recognize that there is a line out plugged in on the back like it did for months prior to yesterday. Feh. And I cannot go any further forward because I don't know enough to even figure out where to start looking for an answer. Maybe I'll just start saving the money to buy a real computer instead. A Mac so I can be rid of my windows box.

Fashion Genius

I have heard genius defined as something so simple that when another person sees it he strikes his head and says to himself, "Why didn't I think of that!?"

I had such a moment on the job last week. I saw a guy who was wearing a belt with a big brass lion head buckle, but fastened to the left of center. It looked very chic and I immediately decided I would try that sometime soon. He was also very cute and I might have tried chatting him up under other circumstances.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bargain Hunting Makes For A Good Mood

I am not there yet, but I am just starting to get the hang of my job. Two weeks into things and I'm starting to see when someone is a 'bad guy'. I'm not totally there on observation and coordination with my fellow employees, but it is starting to come. Which is good because I had a Tuesday from heck and I was worried that I would never be on top of things. Life is getting better and better and I am a positive mood upswing.

Part of the good attitude was a bit of luck at Nordstrom Rack tonight. Two pairs of black athletic shoes for the very reasonable price of $40 for one and $50 for the other. Throw in two very, very reasonable priced belts and I feel like I will not be a discredit to my sex in short order. And with my first paycheck (next week) I'll get myself some new socks and be set on new things until next month when I'll work on the tee shirts. Oh and let me say that one of the belts was a wonderful bargain. Brand name, not that it matters, but very handsome belt with a brushed steel buckle for just $17. It is dressy enough to wear with a suit, but not so refined that it would look out of place on a pair of jeans. The other is a rather basic blue-grey leather belt that was a good deal at just $14.

All in all it was a successful shopping expedition and I am not unhappy with my job right now. Life could be better, but it could be very much worse.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Universal Definition for a Planet, Moon, Sun, Etc.

To follow up on and better explain my reasoning I assert that the definition for a planet, a moon, an asteroid, comet, or the like should be one that can be applied universally, be based upon a good deal of invariable physical characteristics of matter, and make good sense to a person of a non-scientific background. Because ultimately an in any linguistic argument it is common usage that determines the winner in long run. It does not matter if some scientist asserts that "a strawberry isn't a fruit, it is pseudocarp or 'false fruit'", people will still call it a fruit and ignore the scientific definition.

To that end I think that it should be mass or mean radius that is the primary characteristic that should determine if something is a planet or not.

Of the two mass is the harder to discover about a new object unless a satellite can be observed. So for practical reasons I think it should be mean radius that determines a body's status, but with an eye towards how mass, gravity, rotation, and orbit interact to produce a more or less round body. I think the right answer, since nature does not provide a nice clear cut boundary, is a mean radius of around 1000 kilometers. Why? It's a nice round number and from what we have seen so far even a object made of fairly rigid material like stone or iron could not retain a highly irregular shape in such a circumstance. But I am open to be correct should someone with a better understanding of the math involve show that a theoretical object made entirely of iron (for example) would not round itself even with a mean radius of 1000 kilometers. Or that it should be lowered to something more like 470 km radius of Ceres.

The minor part of the definition should be that it orbits a star, brown dwarf, or is not orbiting another object that can be defined as a planet. If an object otherwise qualifies as a planet and it has only 2/3 the mean radius of larger object it is a moon. If the two objects are close in size, the larger having a radius of no more than one and a half times the the smaller, then they are binary planets. Why 2/3? Because anything less and the more massive object would be getting too close to being twice as big in radius/diameter and in pure math it would have more than three times the volume. (3.375 times the volume if you want to be precise)

This brings me to moons. I think that anything that would not otherwise qualify as a planet due to orbiting a planet is a moon and anything smaller should be a dwarf moon, minor moon, or something of that nature. That would mean in the solar system there are seven moons and about ten minor moons. Anything that would otherwise be a comet, asteroid, or some other irregular body is a natural satellite, but not a moon.

So under this definition that makes ten planets in the solar system, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris.

And the seven moons are Ganymede, Callisto, Titan, The Moon, Io, Europa, and Triton.

The minor moons would include Rhea, Titania, Oberon, Iapetus, Dione, Tethys, Umbriel, Ariel, Charon, and Enceladus.

And rather like the asteroids they so resemble the natural satellites are too numerous to pay attention to all of them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saturn's G Ring Is Not a Moon

Is it just me or is the definition of "moon" entirely too loose while the definition of planet is rather too tight? I think anything that would not satisfy the IAU definition of a "planet" save for orbiting another planet instead of a star should be a moon, thing that don't and are too large are "dwarf moons" and little chunks of rock that would otherwise be called asteroids are just "minor" or "natural satellites". Personally I wouldn't also require the stupid "cleared its orbit" criterion, but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. The latest rock found hiding in the rings of Saturn is no more a moon than one of the Trojan asteroids is a planet.

Every Day is the Start of a New Year

I've gotten my email in box down to just 100 unread messages and I'm going to deal with all of them by the end of the week. I'm going to see how long I can stick to actually responding to every email rather than letting them age into irrelevance.

Monday, March 9, 2009

After Work Back To Work

Another thing I did on Sunday besides returning from Limon I also picked up another small load of books from my parent's house. In whatever time I can free up I need to start working on selling off some of them or else my apartment will begin to resemble the place I once had in Littleton; overstuffed.

Now I need to figure out what to do for dinner and plot out what I shall work on each morning this week so that I can keep on top of all the household chores. If I can work up enough energy I shall also need to start doing some cleaning, sorting, and filing tonight.

When exactly did my life become so dreadfully deadening?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Returned from Karval Con

Here I am back again from Limon and Karval Kon, the world's smallest science fiction convention. This was Karval Kon 32 and the theme was B-grade prehistory. The dinosaurs with cavemen and all that sort of silliness. I overall had a good time, though next year I will get my own room and be prepared to do all my meals except for having a (bad) salad or some sort of soda pop at the banquet since the food does not meet my standards at any of the places in Limon. Well the Arby's would be fine, but it isn't really sit down dinning for the necessary banquet.

I already trucked in most of my food this year so I think it would not be a huge stretch to bring everything for a weekend of picnicking in hotel rooms. It would just mean I would need to be a little be more organized.

The skits were fun once I overcame my terror at acting and got silly. Since there were dinosaurs in the mix nearly every one of them ended with one of the characters being eaten. The costumes were good, but everyone was too quick to realize that I was Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker's Guide. I had a whole funny routine worked out with the idea that people would not get what I was doing at first as would be the case with a more mundane audience. Nope, all very fast on the uptake. That's one of the nice things about hanging out with people who have read or seen many of the same works of fiction as yourself.

The games were a blast. The World's Greatest Party Game went very well and my team won for once. And every round of Werewolf produced lots of great jokes, naturally since we were busy lynching people on suspicion of supernatural cannibalism. I think it also makes the game more interesting (and harder on the Werewolves) since we play it every year and thus have some investment in a degree of honesty. Don't deny being a Werewolf too vigorously or next time the village will lynch you on the general principle of better safe than sorry.

I suppose I'll write a more coherent convention report, perhaps with illustrations, once I have more time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Hate Twitter

No, that's too gentle, I loath twitter. I am right there with Old Man Stewart Shaking His Fist at Twitter. I have read a few twitter things by writers I like and they're not even the reading equivalent of popcorn. It's like eating flour right from the bag one spoonful at a time instead of having a slice of bread. You may eventually get in the same amount of reading as a full novel, but twitters are missing something critical that can only come from sitting down to purposefully write a paragraph or two.

No information, no content, no point. Just say no to twitter.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Illness

Every day I have gotten up with the thought that the worst was almost past and that I had finally fought off the cold that was threatening to bring me down in my first week of employment. No such luck. I am still quite sick and today without the whip of money and keeping my job over me my weakness has gotten the best of me. I've barely done half a sink of dishes and now I'm going back to bed. I wanted to have more done and I wanted to help my parents tomorrow, but the way things are going I hope to merely be well before I go back to work.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Will Robots Be Racist?

False pattern recognition is a factor in racism. That is someone sees an obvious physical characteristic and associates it with a negative event. Because the human mind is always looking for patterns it sometimes picks out ones that are not really there. What I wonder is if this will also be true of robots in some fashion. A robot might have the same correlation does not equal causation problem and so might, falsely, pick out some physical characteristic to decide things on and then run amuck with it. Perhaps it would pick out glasses wearers or non-wearers as something and then cause a confirmation error by proceeding to treat them all with that assumption.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Employed Buying Spree

I've been making a mental list of new things I'm going to get once the paychecks start rolling in. Some little, some big, all things that should make me quite happy and I plan on getting most of them new.

1. Socks and Underwear
I am not exactly short, but I am short of what I like to have. I've noticed more and more of the socks in particular migrating to the rag bag and so it is time to get at least one if not two new packages from Costco.

2. New Tennis/Walking Shoes
My old ones are getting down there and breaking in a new, but inexpensive pair, would be a good idea given the amount of walking I do at my job.

3. Pens and Little Notebooks
I need to find a new brand and model of pen as my favorite was replaced by the manufacture with a model that breaks and leaks too easily. I also want little notebooks for witting down these sorts of ideas in.

4. Personal/Calling Cards
It would be useful to have a simple and elegant card to give out with contact information on it.

5. Tee Shirts
Nothing exciting, just the various colors of tee shirts probably ones produced by American Apparel. Because I want more colors in my tee shirt drawer. Especially shades of red.

6. A New Mattress
The one I have is fine, but a new one would be a wonderful luxury as I think a full one memory foam one would make me sleep better based on my experience with a mattress topper.

7. Plastic Hangers
To finally replace every wire hanger in my closet with plastic hangers. It will look nicer and keep my clothes better (I think). And a few heavy duty hangers for my coats. These I'm willing to buy used if I can find them.

8. White LED Christmas Lights
Not actually for Christmas, but to put up as party/mood lighting.

9. Sheets
I would like one more set of sheets for my bed. Because one of the old sets in getting close to the end of its life.

So that's my list of desires right now. Everything but the mattress should be fairly easy to get the money together for. Almost none of these things will be purchased right away, except the socks and shoes.

Light Appears in the Tunnel

Goals this week include getting new pictures of myself with the brand spanking new camera I got an actual deal on at the Circuit City closing sale. I also should get a start on my gran's taxes even though the plan is to file them in April. Also I need to help my parents. On the fun side I feel inspired to find time to have people over for tea and cake, perhaps on Thursday. Though that might be a road too far with all the other things I have to do.

My general outline of a plan will be to see if I can volunteer on Wednesdays at the Library, do laundry first thing in the morning that day, and then clean and bake in the evening sometime. Then Thursday could be going out to my parents' house to help them and then, if time permits, I could have a Tea, Cake, and Geekery afternoon. And have my Karval Kon bag ready to go no later than Thursday night because it will be an earlier morning than most for me on Friday and then immediate departure for the convention after work.

The week after may be from heck due to having to work continuously from Monday the 9th until Wednesday the 18th. And I'm sure my parents won't be pleased that I cannot help them until then. Perhaps I should get in an extra day helping them on the Sunday I drive back from the convention.

Thinking about the good stuff in my life this morning and having a cup of tea makes me feel much more positive about my outlook. No matter what happens things will work out somehow. I'll sell the stuff that is crowding my apartment, I'll find the time to help my parents move, and start my grandmother's taxes. When? Well that's a question. But I shall figure out a way to scrape together the time.

I also feel good because though this coughing chest cold got me up this morning I feel on top of it. My Guaifenesin and plenty of fluids and oranges strategy seems to be working to keep this under control even as I work eight hours a day. I expect to be recovered by Tuesday at this rate.