Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LED Search Roundup

In an ideal world this is what I would get. Six sets of 'raspberry' type (The G12 globe) LED Christmas light strings. Half would be in warm white and the other half would be in cool white and both would be full wave rectified and on white wires.

Why? I think the round globe shape is neat and when Halloween rolls around I'll just have the cool white globes up since they look rather ghostly. But together I think they will make for a neat blue and gold effect at during the Yuletide season and with warm ones alone I think they will be pretty good party lighting at other times of the year.

The reality is that it can be very hard to find exactly what one is looking for. I can find the cool white LEDs on white wire and free of flickering, but they're not globes. The warm white LEDs on white wires are actually not too hard to locate. I may end up just getting the warm white ones for now and getting cool white ones later on green wire when it is a bit closer to Halloween.

Environmental Lights.com has fully rectified G12 LED strings including warm white on white wire, $24.60 each if you buy three or more strings each with 70 LEDs.
They also have some cold white LEDs on white wire, but the C6 Strawberry type $28.40 a string.

For pure bargain price I might consider Holiday Direct. Full rectified M5 (mini) and C6 strawberry lights on white wire. The only problem is that I worry that they are somewhat fly by night. 100 M5 LEDs for $7.37 a string and 100 C6 LEDs for $10.50 a string.

Another inexpensive option are these Warm White on White Wire M5 for $10.00 a string.

There are lots of things on offer from Christmas Lights Etc. They have both warm for $27.95 and cool for $26.50 white M5 lights on white wire, but they are not rectified. All their rectified strings are "commercial grade" and thus need special adapters and are on green wire to boot.

There are plenty of styles and types at Forever LED and they're all rectified. Slightly less expensive than Environmental Lights, but no white wire except for icey white bulbs in the M5 and C6 styles. Wait, I take that back, some soft white M5s, but with "icicle" style wires.

If I wanted to pick up lights right away rather than mail ordering it I probably could try a local store named St. Nicks down in Littleton.


Harriet said...

Found cool white G12 on white wire here: http://www.imaginarycolours.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=L34643CW-W&Category_Code=WhtCord&Product_Count=2
31.00 for a strand of 70 leds, 24 ft. long.
But, of course, they don't have the warm white...go figure!

Mishalak said...

Yes, but are the rectified so they won't 'flicker'? I cannot tell from that page, so I suspect they are not.