Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bargain Hunting Makes For A Good Mood

I am not there yet, but I am just starting to get the hang of my job. Two weeks into things and I'm starting to see when someone is a 'bad guy'. I'm not totally there on observation and coordination with my fellow employees, but it is starting to come. Which is good because I had a Tuesday from heck and I was worried that I would never be on top of things. Life is getting better and better and I am a positive mood upswing.

Part of the good attitude was a bit of luck at Nordstrom Rack tonight. Two pairs of black athletic shoes for the very reasonable price of $40 for one and $50 for the other. Throw in two very, very reasonable priced belts and I feel like I will not be a discredit to my sex in short order. And with my first paycheck (next week) I'll get myself some new socks and be set on new things until next month when I'll work on the tee shirts. Oh and let me say that one of the belts was a wonderful bargain. Brand name, not that it matters, but very handsome belt with a brushed steel buckle for just $17. It is dressy enough to wear with a suit, but not so refined that it would look out of place on a pair of jeans. The other is a rather basic blue-grey leather belt that was a good deal at just $14.

All in all it was a successful shopping expedition and I am not unhappy with my job right now. Life could be better, but it could be very much worse.

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