Sunday, March 8, 2009

Returned from Karval Con

Here I am back again from Limon and Karval Kon, the world's smallest science fiction convention. This was Karval Kon 32 and the theme was B-grade prehistory. The dinosaurs with cavemen and all that sort of silliness. I overall had a good time, though next year I will get my own room and be prepared to do all my meals except for having a (bad) salad or some sort of soda pop at the banquet since the food does not meet my standards at any of the places in Limon. Well the Arby's would be fine, but it isn't really sit down dinning for the necessary banquet.

I already trucked in most of my food this year so I think it would not be a huge stretch to bring everything for a weekend of picnicking in hotel rooms. It would just mean I would need to be a little be more organized.

The skits were fun once I overcame my terror at acting and got silly. Since there were dinosaurs in the mix nearly every one of them ended with one of the characters being eaten. The costumes were good, but everyone was too quick to realize that I was Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker's Guide. I had a whole funny routine worked out with the idea that people would not get what I was doing at first as would be the case with a more mundane audience. Nope, all very fast on the uptake. That's one of the nice things about hanging out with people who have read or seen many of the same works of fiction as yourself.

The games were a blast. The World's Greatest Party Game went very well and my team won for once. And every round of Werewolf produced lots of great jokes, naturally since we were busy lynching people on suspicion of supernatural cannibalism. I think it also makes the game more interesting (and harder on the Werewolves) since we play it every year and thus have some investment in a degree of honesty. Don't deny being a Werewolf too vigorously or next time the village will lynch you on the general principle of better safe than sorry.

I suppose I'll write a more coherent convention report, perhaps with illustrations, once I have more time.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a blast. Wish I could have gone, but I'm having massive health problems right now and that just does not work with cons.