Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Employed Buying Spree

I've been making a mental list of new things I'm going to get once the paychecks start rolling in. Some little, some big, all things that should make me quite happy and I plan on getting most of them new.

1. Socks and Underwear
I am not exactly short, but I am short of what I like to have. I've noticed more and more of the socks in particular migrating to the rag bag and so it is time to get at least one if not two new packages from Costco.

2. New Tennis/Walking Shoes
My old ones are getting down there and breaking in a new, but inexpensive pair, would be a good idea given the amount of walking I do at my job.

3. Pens and Little Notebooks
I need to find a new brand and model of pen as my favorite was replaced by the manufacture with a model that breaks and leaks too easily. I also want little notebooks for witting down these sorts of ideas in.

4. Personal/Calling Cards
It would be useful to have a simple and elegant card to give out with contact information on it.

5. Tee Shirts
Nothing exciting, just the various colors of tee shirts probably ones produced by American Apparel. Because I want more colors in my tee shirt drawer. Especially shades of red.

6. A New Mattress
The one I have is fine, but a new one would be a wonderful luxury as I think a full one memory foam one would make me sleep better based on my experience with a mattress topper.

7. Plastic Hangers
To finally replace every wire hanger in my closet with plastic hangers. It will look nicer and keep my clothes better (I think). And a few heavy duty hangers for my coats. These I'm willing to buy used if I can find them.

8. White LED Christmas Lights
Not actually for Christmas, but to put up as party/mood lighting.

9. Sheets
I would like one more set of sheets for my bed. Because one of the old sets in getting close to the end of its life.

So that's my list of desires right now. Everything but the mattress should be fairly easy to get the money together for. Almost none of these things will be purchased right away, except the socks and shoes.


Anonymous said...

Levenger makes wallet cards and carriers - they're about the size of business cards. Might they do for your notes? See them here

Mishalak said...

A good suggestion, but they are a bit pricey. If I just ran 3x5 cards through my guillotine I am sure that I could get roughly the equivalent lined wallet sized cards for less than half that cost. Not with my name printed at the top, but still...