Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Hate Twitter

No, that's too gentle, I loath twitter. I am right there with Old Man Stewart Shaking His Fist at Twitter. I have read a few twitter things by writers I like and they're not even the reading equivalent of popcorn. It's like eating flour right from the bag one spoonful at a time instead of having a slice of bread. You may eventually get in the same amount of reading as a full novel, but twitters are missing something critical that can only come from sitting down to purposefully write a paragraph or two.

No information, no content, no point. Just say no to twitter.


John Fiala said...

I quite like it. It's not so much a method to write blog entries as a way to send out one-way IMs to whoever cares to listen.

Mishalak said...

Ah, well then it is just a subset of my dislike of instant messaging from phones then. It might be useful for me to figure out how to do an instant message from a phone sometime when I need to do something without my voice, but that's very theoretical. I don't mind actually having a conversation via IM when I am at my computer and thus can type like the wind, but otherwise no.