Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hauling Away Books

As always things are not progressing as quickly as I would like, but that's why I allow for things to be pushed back to another day. Critical tasks undertaken today include hauling away a carload of books and stuffing them onto the few shelves in my apartment. It is not a perfect fit and I am still progressing slowly towards better space management. Though, to be sure, a great many of these books are going to be sold or given away as quickly as possible. Ideally I would like all the ones on the metal shelves to disappear in three months time, though I expect that it will be more like seven or eight months.

I have also rediscovered the last disk needed to complete my transferal of operations to the newer of the two computers in the spare room. This means that I could get rid of the older one. Even if I do not get any money for the old thing (apparently my brother in-law is a wiz at getting money for computers and got $100 for a fairly old one) it will at least free up both desktop and floor real estate.

I've also picked up my first paycheck and I'll be depositing enough to live on for a month, hopefully tomorrow, but more likely on Friday. Which is good since the next paycheck will arrive in about two weeks time, putting the deposit date (even if direct deposit starts by then) a couple days into April.

Speaking of next month I need to start figuring out invitations and such like. And deciding if I should have a Sunday party or a Saturday one. Both have attractions. Also I'll be having the DASFA Dead Dog party the week after that. What say you oh masses of readers, is a Saturday the 11th Nativity Party or a Sunday the 12th Party scheduling it opposite the big christian holiday to be preferred?

Oh, and given the state of the economy I can combine two problems into one solution. I could give away books to people who do not give me presents. No, you must take a book if you don't bring me at least a little inexpensive present of loose leaf tea. Why? Because obviously if you cannot bring me a prezzie that means that you are poor and if you're poor you need a book... Wha' you don't want one? Take the book so thing don't have to get ugly.

If you can afford a present then I suggest tea, a potted cyclamen, or a little money for the jar marked "Mishalak Window Plants & Other Frivolous Pleasures Fund" as excellent ideas. The MOFP Fund this year is going to be for herbs in my window, flowering plants, and wooden hangers. And if there money left over then I'm getting cham-pag-ne.


Anonymous said...

Saturday the 11th for most people, I would think. Although many of your friends don't go to church, there are Easter family get-togethers to be considered, which usually happen on Sundays.

Mishalak said...

For at least one person I asked one the phone that's a reason to have it on Sunday. Then she can say to religious co-workers or family that she is already busy. I like her, she's devious.