Sunday, March 1, 2009

Light Appears in the Tunnel

Goals this week include getting new pictures of myself with the brand spanking new camera I got an actual deal on at the Circuit City closing sale. I also should get a start on my gran's taxes even though the plan is to file them in April. Also I need to help my parents. On the fun side I feel inspired to find time to have people over for tea and cake, perhaps on Thursday. Though that might be a road too far with all the other things I have to do.

My general outline of a plan will be to see if I can volunteer on Wednesdays at the Library, do laundry first thing in the morning that day, and then clean and bake in the evening sometime. Then Thursday could be going out to my parents' house to help them and then, if time permits, I could have a Tea, Cake, and Geekery afternoon. And have my Karval Kon bag ready to go no later than Thursday night because it will be an earlier morning than most for me on Friday and then immediate departure for the convention after work.

The week after may be from heck due to having to work continuously from Monday the 9th until Wednesday the 18th. And I'm sure my parents won't be pleased that I cannot help them until then. Perhaps I should get in an extra day helping them on the Sunday I drive back from the convention.

Thinking about the good stuff in my life this morning and having a cup of tea makes me feel much more positive about my outlook. No matter what happens things will work out somehow. I'll sell the stuff that is crowding my apartment, I'll find the time to help my parents move, and start my grandmother's taxes. When? Well that's a question. But I shall figure out a way to scrape together the time.

I also feel good because though this coughing chest cold got me up this morning I feel on top of it. My Guaifenesin and plenty of fluids and oranges strategy seems to be working to keep this under control even as I work eight hours a day. I expect to be recovered by Tuesday at this rate.

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Harriet said...

Glad to hear that things are improving. Enjoy KarvalKon! We're already starting work on Bubonicon, a sure sign of spring.