Friday, March 27, 2009

Manliness In Blizzards

A really manly guy does not have anything to prove so he won't go out in a blizzard unless it is really necessary. No, really necessary. Why? No matter how good a driver you are (or think you are) there are other people on the road. A bad driver with no one else around is only a danger to himself and may even avoid a crash since there are fewer objects to run into than on a full road.

Go slow, be careful, and don't go out unless it is required. I went out to pick up Richard from the airport last night since the only other option for him would have been a taxi and that may well have been more dangerous given how taxi drivers are in the snow. If I had not been doing that I likely would have stayed in even though my company wanted me to do an extra shift. $200 to risk getting in an accident that would cost me much more is not worth it.

Today things seem all right and I'm going in to work for my normal shift, but it is much better now. Just driving a little slowly will make it pretty darn safe.

But last night there were a lot of really dumb people on the road. I was on the freeway where there are normally three lanes of traffic. But everyone was following the leader so it was down to just two lanes of traffic with generous spacing. Then this idiot in a black Mercedes comes barreling along passes me with about 10 centimeters to spare heading up between the two lines of cars. Moron! When ahead he could not do that anymore he followed one car length behind another guy and speed off as soon as he could squeeze though. I sincerely wish him ill and that he wreaked his car on his way home. But I got home in one piece despite the best efforts of the other people on the road. I even managed to get my car up the slight incline into my parking space.

So life is good.

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