Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not Smart Enough

Well somehow the sound system on my computer has stopped working. I'm smart enough to figure out how to test if it is a problem on the speaker/amp side and it is not that. I plugged the Y-cable into my trusty iPod and it works fine. But plugged into the sound card on the back of my computer it does not work. Instead the computer is producing the tinny little sounds that indicates that it does not recognize that there is a line out plugged in on the back like it did for months prior to yesterday. Feh. And I cannot go any further forward because I don't know enough to even figure out where to start looking for an answer. Maybe I'll just start saving the money to buy a real computer instead. A Mac so I can be rid of my windows box.


Harriet said...

Ok, some things to check.
Open your audio controls in Windoze, and make sure nothing's muted or turned all the way down.
If you can get into Device Manager (Control Panel, in Classic View. Vista has its own icon for Device Mgr, XP goes to System Icon>Hardware Tab> Device Manager button), look for anything with a yellow question mark, yellow triangle or red X. If there's a red X, right click on that item and enable it. If a yellow ? or triangle, right click on it and try uninstalling it. Reboot the computer and it should reinstall. If uninstalling is not comfortable for you, try 'update driver' or 'scan for hardware changes'.
Good luck!

Mishalak said...

Those were the things I was smart enough to try. What I was not smart enough to look for was another thing plugged into the computer. Namely my ex-boyfriend's headphones. Problem solved at last. I must have just been asleep last night.