Thursday, February 8, 2007

I Already Have Blog Journal

Yet here I am trying out this one. It's free... It's google. But I already have a Journal that wants to consume more semi-interesting prose than I seem to be able to produce on a regular basis. So what the heck can/should I put here? I suppose this could be a digest. Strip off all the personal things and just publish those things that might bring me something resembling fame. (Leaving aside for the moment if I want to be famous/have lots of people pay attention to me.) But what sort of content is the best of Mishalak?

It wouldn't be a good place to put out my political thoughts. Too much connection to my silly fan life since I used the same name. And there are more than enough people putting out drivel on politics, I don't quite have the arrogance to think I wouldn't be just one more of them.

If I produced just a bit more fannish (as in fantasy/science fiction fandom) content back on the home Journal this could be my 'zine. That idea has a certain merit. But why produce a second one? Why not just be famous because of my Journal?

I have a place to put my fiction. So what then? Food? Alcohol? For now I think it will have to be fan stuff or nothing.

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