Saturday, February 16, 2008

Punch It!

The hardest part of writing, for me, is still just getting my behind in the chair and just writing. Once I start not caring exactly how it is coming out the writing actually comes rather easily. I am a fast typist from years of online chatting and I actually spell fairly well for someone of my generation. Though I still need the help of the spell checker and never a month goes by without learning yet another word. There are just so damn many of the things!

Going back to a chat program without spell check is scary. I did that on connexion the other day an I felt like a performer without a net. Irrational, it is just spelling, but there it is. Our technological tools are a great comfort in performing tasks like this.

And I have spent far too long 'cat vacuuming' rather than writing. Both here to record my everyday events for my future edification and with my fiction writing. Time to get back too it. Thousands of things to do today, punch the keys like you mean it and then put on music to clean too!

Things I need or want to do today:
•Get in contact with people who signed up for DASFA at MileHiCon, particularly Lexa Gregor.
•Talk again to A from Connexion and see if he wants to come to DASFA.
•Clean apartment for DASFA party.
•Work on new entries in Quickbooks for work.
•Talk on the phone with fun people.
•Get a six pack of beer.
•Make cookies? Cookies go with beer, don't they?

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