Monday, March 3, 2008

Delightful Evening At Cherry House

This Monday has been perfectly delightful. I got a good amount of work done and had a wonderful time with my boyfriend today. He said that he wanted mashed potatoes, I was not thrilled by the idea at first and I was resentfully boiling potatoes until I realized he was right here watching TV and instead we could do that together. We watch a sweet romantic movie (with a touch of comedy) called The Holiday. First while the potatoes boiled, then while I pealed them, mashed them, etc., and finally with dinner. Reheated pork loin (mmm!), peas, and garlic mashed potatoes. And the movie was so much fun to watch with him. Nothing extraordinary happening, just a wonderful evening that I won't want to forget.

Now we're either going to watch something else or do our separate reading setting in for a cold night. I've put on my sweater and I am thinking about what I will be doing tomorrow. Bank deposit, run to the health club, maybe try to get in some bread baking. I've used my new stand mixer once this month already to make frosting and I'm going to bake the last of my cookie dough batch from last Monday.

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