Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pulling the Arrow

When a person is shot with an arrow the wrong thing to do is just pull it out. Especially if done quickly it will do as much harm coming out as it did going in. Not to mention there is the possibility that, as with any impaling wound, the object will be preventing worse bleeding. I bring this up because it is my analogy for just pulling the funding on the Iraq war. It took months of preparation to get into this mess and it will take months to get out. Not to mention that I think the president is the sort of man who would strand the army to score a political point. I would be worried about thousands of American dead if funding were just cut off. The Democrats in congress do need to stand firm about having the power of the purse and get as much as they can, it is not only their right but their responsibility. But just cutting off funding is the same sort of ignorant idea that President George W. Bush is proud to advance.

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Harriet said...

That is a very apt analogy. Especially since the longer the arrow is left in the wound, the deeper it can work it's way into the flesh, making it harder to remove.
I also find it shameful that our troops who are still stateside are having to shell out money from their meager paychecks to buy things they must have in order to be deployed. The army is not giving them what they need at all, because all the funding is being pulled from the bases and sent overseas.