Monday, December 24, 2007

Wellness and Gift Exchange

Mercedonius 3 after AUC 2760, Ides

Well... I think I'm just well enough to head to Elizabeth today. Today is the day of the traditional meal and gift exchange on Christmas Eve. I've had a head cold for the last four days and it has greatly contributed to my disagreeable mood. I've also been more serious about the brushing of my teeth lately and the increase in frequency has irritated my gums. Stars, I sound like an old man, not that I haven't always been a bit of 'present age' going on eighty. I suppose we all are at times, but headaches with other body irritation brings it to the fore.

Reading back on Christmas five years ago brings some of this up. My journal (on live journal) is a lot less lively. I suspect this is because I stopped actively seeking out people to read, people to bring to my journal, and commenting on a regular basis on everything.

So... off to the daily races.

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