Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Progress and Dread

Well, work continues on getting out all the things from the house that the bankruptcy will allow my parents to keep. One very small positive is that the cleaning down to the baseboards has allowed me to find the legs that belong to my coffee table. This isn't just any coffee table. This table has a three inch thick maple top created from the strips used to create bowling ally lanes from, the legs are stripped pins, and the whole thing is very 1960. It was made by my grandfather who was a carpenter by trade when he had more time than money. My father related how he borrowed time on a band saw to get the curve right and the way he rounded the edge by hand. It is one of two things I inherited from my father's family. I value it very much and I'm quite happy to have moved forward on getting all the parts together and protecting the top with polyurethane. Another coat of the stuff and it should be ready for use.

But despite some good things happening there is still a huge amount of dread. So much has gone horribly wrong this past year that I have nightmares when I stay at my parents' house. I still do not have a job and there is no more family safety net. I'm afraid.


Elizabeth said...

I sympathize, Matthew. I'm feeling very scared right now but for different reasons. And having no family safety net IS a huge worry.

You're not alone.

Mishalak said...

Thanks. I'm particularly worried because I'm on unemployment, not finding any jobs, and so on.

John Fiala said...

I'm sorry to hear you're still looking for work.

But, I am curious at seeing this table of yours once you've got it done.