Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Idea On Glass Tabletops

A problem with putting a sheet of glass over a tabletop to protect it is that if any liquid is spilled on top it will sort of 'curl over' the edge and run under the top for a distance. Could this problem be solved with some sort of small channel just inside the rim that would serve to break the run?


Anonymous said...

Ah, the wicking under problem. I think that an underside channel might help - but you'd need to run the channel all the way to the edge, so it's open to atmosphere. IIRC, it would then be likely to lead the liquid off to the ouside. It would probably still wick under some more, but nowhere near as badly.

In some ways, a better solution would be a transparent waterproof seal at the edge - depending on the surface you're protecting, I would think that some silicone variant might work. Or one of the removable poster-hanger products.

Harriet said...

Are you thinking of a groove on top? If artfully done, it could look like an etched border and be incorporated into a decorative design.
I'm picturing something geometric like Frank Lloyd Wright squares in the corners with a set of lines around the edges. Could be easily done with a Dremel tool and a fine-grained stone point. Hmm....