Friday, May 29, 2009

Good Mail Day

It was a very good mail day! Today I got my paystub, which is not actual money (it having already gone into my account) but is still nice, and my Denver Botanic Gardens membership card, and a CD all the way from Europe sent by my wonderful friend Vince.

Hold fast to the law
Of the last cold tome
Where the earth
Of the truth lies thick
Upon the page
And the loam
Of faith
In the ink
Long fled
From the drone
Of the nib
Flows on,
Till the last
Of the first
And the least
Of the past
Is dust
And the dust
Is lost
Hold fast!

I'm listing now and it is making me pretty darn happy along with a glass of port and some nice cheese.

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VJDocherty said...

Hi - glad the CD arrived - Happy Birthday!