Monday, May 11, 2009

A Much Easier Decision

I almost never go to conventions because of the guests. I do, sometimes, avoid them because of their guests though. I was just looking at the guests for Gaylaxicon and MileHiCon this year because I can only get the time off for one and saw that Lawrence Schimel is going to be at Gaylaxicon. I have a high negative desire to meet him so I'm glad on two levels. One I do not have to back out of plans now and I feel much better about being a stick in the mud and staying in Denver.


Jason said...

Aww, I wish you would change your mind. It's been far too long since I've seen you, and I was looking forward to your being here. I guess I was assuming you'd be attending as a matter of course. Hopefully, you'll come up to the Twin Cities soon, anyway. Maybe I'll have to drive the new motorcycle out to Denver, although the last time I rode a motorcycle to Denver, it didn't end well.

Mishalak said...

I've changed over the years and it gets harder and harder for me to work up enthusiasm to go very far away. This is especially with my current job where I get zero vacation days so every day off cuts into income severely, but is the case whenever I have to contemplate travel by airplane (which I loath between the cramped seats and the stupid security theater).

I think it was always less likely that I'd go to Gaylaxicon than staying home and seeing the local convention. I might start going to 'foreign' conventions again someday, but only if I find myself with enough money that I can travel first class without a second thought.