Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Circuit City Verges on Reasonable Prices

You know Circuit City's prices are not that bad... but on clearance they're often still higher than those you can find online. That's right the super duper clearance prices just barely match the same discounts you can find almost any day of the week online. At a guess this has been the problem for Circuit City all along. They're up against Amazon and every other online purveyor that can offer 30-50% discounts off list price all the time at the expense of not giving a buyer instant gratification.

Here is an example. The movies at Circuit City are now 40% off their origional retail price. Today when wandering around with my father today looking for bargains I noted that the original price for The French Connection was $14.95. Amazon offers the exact same movie for $8.99, only three cents more than the $8.97 'sale' price offered by Circuit City. Additionally with Amazon there is not any sales tax and you can actually return something if it does not work unlike with a clearance sale.

Another example is a one terabyte hard drive. Costco has a Western Digital "My Book" for $139.00 and the super duper 'bargain' at Circuit City for a similar external hard drive? $205 after discounts. Bah.

It is like this for virtually everything in their store. My advice to everyone is that if you go to the clearance know what you are looking for and check online prices before you go. They might start getting into good prices in another week, but right now the people who buy stuff at Circuit City are just suckers.


John Fiala said...

Tammy and I were thinking of dropping by Circuit City and looking at their prices for speakers, but we'll definitely be bringing along a list of reasonable prices to compare with.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll take your challenge. Just brought home a Lexmark X7550 printer/fax/copier/scanner that I paid $62 for at Circuit City, about $67 once tax had been figured in. So, looking online...average price at all these stores is about $200, and same range at these, which includes Amazon. So I appear to have gotten one HELL of a deal.

The higher scale electronics are almost gone, however.