Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Magnet Project Ideas

I have a bunch of neodymium magnets. You know the type, the dangerously strong magnets found inside hard drives if you're willing to tear them apart and look for the metal housing plates used by the swing arm thingy. Gomez Lemieux (local fan) gave them to me years ago and I've been using them still attached to the little plate each is mounted on. That's not a bad way to use them as the plate gives a bit of leverage and/or air gap to enable a user to remove the things from a ferrous surface.

For whatever reason it had never occurred to me to remove the magnet from the plate... until today. Now I have a loose rare earth magnet to which I could attach something else using epoxy. For example a 1976 Eisenhower dollar. But what else should I attach to such a magnet? I've got a bunch of them and as long as I'm getting the epoxy out should I do more than one such craft project? I doubt there are many (any?) other inexpensive coins of the size of the ol' Eisenhower dollar

In other project news my coffee tables are set up in the living room and look fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Craft projects with RARE EARTH MAGNETS?????

There's got to be something else you can do with them. I will buy one or two off of you, seriously -- let me know.

Mishalak said...

They're rare earth magnets, but they're not of super useful shapes. I mean if these were nice round ones or something, but you can get two more of this time every time you kill off a computer drive. In fact I scrounged two more out of an old 10 gig hard drive I wanted to make unreadable.