Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thursday on Herman Gulch Trail

I had a lovely time on Thursday. I went to Herman Gulch Trail with J.K. Simmons (not his real name, just one I'm going to use because that's the actor I think he most resembles, though not when he's playing J.Jonah Jameson). I was a crazy person and took along a bottle of Cristallino (A nice Brut sparkling wine from Spain), a pork chop with apples and onions, and various other hiking necessities. Good food, good wine, high altitude, a warmish day, and bright sun, what more could you ask for? Not many wildflowers yet on the hike, but there were not an excess of people either. Part of that was it being a Thursday, but the rest was how early it is in the season. Still a fair number of snowbanks to climb over, but it was warm and dry enough that my clothes dried out as we were still climbing.

I think I'll go back in a month or so to the same trail to see the wildflowers. In certain places I saw evidence of such a mass of columbines that it is sure to be fairly spectacular. Later J.K. and I walked around Georgetown looking at the Victorian buildings and a Victorian power station that I did not know was open to the public as well as still generating power. If you have time to stop for a visit I highly recommend the Georgetown Energy Museum. It is free and somewhat exciting to see such old equipment still spinning away making electricity.

Dinner at Beau Jo's Pizza and then it was off to Denver.

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