Monday, June 8, 2009

Wailing Neighbors

Social networking sites have nothing on the drama that happens in meatspace. I was sitting down to a movie with cheese (a very ripe Brie) with Richard when we heard wailing and screams coming from the hall. One of our neighbors was out in the hall crying hysterically. Her elderly parents and boy were also crying hysterically inside their apartment. Something was wrong with the woman's baby and instead of going to the hospital, which is all of 300 meters from the front door of our building, they were all wailing and carrying on. Richard had to take the phone from the woman as she'd called 911, but was unable to give the operator anything more than "baby" and "I want a doctor". Richard had to take charge of getting information conveyed to the authorities and getting them bundled out the door.

When I encounter this sort of situation again I am going to have to remember not to assume there is a good reason for the wailing.

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