Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worry Variations

I would give almost anything to be stuck at work right now with a job to whinge about. I feel hopeless and desperate about my prospects for getting a job and that's why my posting is rather sporadic. The only thing I can do is study the rules and figure out if there is some way out of this trap. I have very little money and not an impressive enough resume to get hired as evidenced by the fact that I've yet to be contacted by anyone.

Options, options. Well at least I have some time since I have benefits until August next year. I should not multiply my problems without necessity. I will come to the worst if it comes. In the meantime I suppose I keep applying until I think of a better plan. Maybe I'll start writing and see if anything comes of that.


Harriet said...

Hon, if you want to write, get over to www.helium.com. Sign up, and get into the marketplace section. People will pay for articles on topics they name. Check it out, seriously. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried temp agencies? They were always a great way to get jobs, back in the day.