Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving in 2008

Richard gave me money to go food shopping today, something I've been avoiding since I don't have money to do anything more than pay my half of the rent/utilities and my car insurance. Me being unemployed cannot be fun for him either since I have to be a mooch while this is going on (if I was not living with him I would be on food stamps or starving). But on the good side I got all the fixings. Ham (because we're having turkey with friends on Saturday and my parents on Sunday), cranberries, sweet potatoes, salad, and a bottle of champagne left over from election night. I also have the ingredients for making a Christmas Pudding and an apple pie.

So tomorrow there will be much cleaning and cooking. I had a lovely talk today with my friend Jason and also Dave. With Dave it somehow turned into an alternate history talk where I came up with a socialist triumph that might piss off libertarians. Could be a fun book. But it would take huge amounts of research to do well.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Matthew. I'm glad it turned out decently for you. :)