Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Think Different

In iTunes I don't particularly like the Artist/Composer split. Why? Because when I'm searching for a song I'm going by the the name I associate with a piece. I may have no idea that it was Vienna PHO that played that piece, I'm looking for Beethoven. So that's how I use the "Artist" field instead of putting down who actually spoke or sung, I put in the name I associate with the piece. And then I misuse other fields and notes for putting in all the information. Which sometimes makes me reluctant to rip my classical music since I hate having to change everything. But if I don't do it when I rip it I'll have a devil of a time trying to find it later.

Also, the CD names and song names for classical music suck.

Today I'm working on getting some more forward motion and searching for a location to place a vending machine. A good and safe location, because the damn thing can't be sold right now and we need to make some money off of it.

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