Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And I Thought I'd Be Well

"Ha!" Sez the universe. Yesterday I was feeling much better. No sore throat and general improving body feelings. But in the evening my health started going all pear shaped again. Stuffiness, sneezing, and some coughing. It was difficult to get to sleep even with drugs and today I am being held together by sudafed. The real stuff with pseudoephedrine. Best drug ever. But I'm dizzy and not 100% even though it dried up my nose like it should.

I wish I was well because it looks like a nice day for a bike ride and I wanted to go to the library, my credit union, and pick up a few cooking items.


Anonymous said...

Get better soon! I caught shingles over Thanksgiving, so I share your pain. :)

Oh, hope you have figured out I'm Amy by now. Alex is left over from a blog I started and still haven't changed my identity with that.

Harriet said...

I feel for ya, there's a lot of the galloping crud going around. Take good care of yourself, and drink lots of tea!!

Mishalak said...

Alex/Amy: Ah, I had wondered who you were. I was running through a list of all the guys I know named Alex without success.

I rather think you're doing worse than me. From all I have heard about Shingles it is much worse than a cold. As soon as I have money I'm going to get a shot for that.

Harriet: Yeah, it is winter so the illnesses are here for a while. It probably does not help that I have not been exposed as much this year as last. From an immunity point of view.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks. I'm getting better, although now I have residual nerve pain in my shoulder from that -- bleah!