Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fans For Heating

I'm using the electric fans for the first time since summer. Why? I've discovered I can get significantly more heat out of the radiators by pointing a fan at them than by just letting them run. As it has been very cold the last few days, colder than at any point last winter, this has been important. If it stays this cold for the rest of the season I expect to keep using them. The best effect seems to come from placing the fan on the floor facing the radiator and about 20 centimeters from it with a slight upward angle. Or at least in measuring the temperature with the imprecise instruments available to me that produced as much as a 1 degree centigrade increase in the temperature of the air coming out the top over the fan being aimed levelly at the radiator and closer.

So, for people dealing with old fashioned heating systems a useful tip. I have also contemplated sealing up my windows with clear plastic to help keep out drafts, but I'm unsure if I want to go that far yet.


Elizabeth said...

Hi, Amy here again, publishing as Elizabeth this time. Elizabeth is at LEAST what I'm trying to change my legal middle name to as opposed to Alex, which has nothing to do with anything!

Anyhoo, the fans are a clever idea. Hope they continue to work.

I cannot believe I missed the Christmas party! Just spaced it, and I really wanted to be there too. :(

John Fiala said...

Yeah, that makes sense - good idea. I don't have any old-school radiators in this house, which is a bit of a shame, really.