Friday, December 12, 2008

Political Thought of The Day

A government so small as to be unable to take anything you have will also be too small to prevent someone stronger from taking your property either.


Harriet said...

Hence the need for each of us to be empowered and able to defend our own selves, families and property. I can't count on anyone but myself, when push comes to shove.

Mishalak said...

Nonsense. In the land of the generalist the specialist is king. If I were a criminal, my whole way of living dedicated to criminality, I would have skills that no armature home defender could hope to match. Not to mention that I'd follow Sun Tzu's dictum and attack where my opponent is weak, not where he is strong. I'd wait until you were away and how would you defend against that?

No individual can consistently defend against all who would do harm. There is always someone stronger, faster, better, smarter, or just plain luckier. And no private individual will have the time or resources to catch a bugler, despite what you've read in comic books.

Or simply put, "Between the weak and the strong one it is the freedom which oppresses and the law that liberates." - Jean Jacques Rousseau